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The Maleo Fellowship Program at UCLA helps students secure and prepare for corporate internships and employment offers in consulting, finance, investment banking, and technology. Our mission is to level the playing field of employment among the best firms in the world by providing them with a strategic mixture of the most competitive students paired with the brightest underrepresented students. We do this by equipping an exclusive group of exceptional students with the knowledge and competencies to be successful global citizens through career planning, mentorship, and leadership. Our program provides scholarships and unique opportunities to our Fellows such as receiving world-class technical training from professionals. This allows them to develop their portfolios for their careers of interest through engagements that utilize leading research, theories, and methodologies. As such, Maleo Fellows can demonstrate their ability to apply what they have been learning at UCLA in ways that go far beyond the classroom by actively turning ideas and research into innovations and value.

Signatories: Manuel Leon, Nicole Rojas, and Nilton Serva

Advisor: Aaron Joshua Alba Tacub

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