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Books Beyond Bars (formerly the Nidorf Collective) consists of graduate students, faculty, and alumni from UCLA's Department of Information Studies that are committed to bridging the distance between library students and incarcerated peoples with information needs, with the support and guidance of other library workers, institutions, and community organizations vested in the same mission; to promoting the exchange of ideas and interaction among its members on best practices and ethics in providing library services to incarcerated or previously incarcerated people who are actively kept from access to information institutions and infrastructures; to bringing together members in the UCLA GSEIS community through volunteer efforts and collaborative activities that create and facilitate relationships that work towards the goal of social justice and Prison-Industrial Complex (PIC) abolition in information access; and to utilizing partnerships with other student organizations in achieving goals, coalition-building, and inter-cohort collaboration.

Signatories: Danielle Fox, Grace Skalinder, and Estelle Yim

Advisor: Markell Clyde Johnson

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