The Bagel Appreciation Club

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We, the Bagel Appreciation Club, have found a hole in UCLA’s culinary landscape. Our club aims to gather the most dedicated and passionate appreciators of circular boiled bread products on UCLA’s campus. We want to organize a community around people who love everything bagel—and everything bagels. Especially with UCLA’s many New York transplants, we realize that finding the perfect bagel is an incredibly difficult task. So we will both guide students through their journey in the LA bagel scene and work as bakers to perfect a proprietary secret bagel recipe (one that’s already in development). The club will allow us to talk about the ins and outs of our favorite baked good, foster community through culinary adventures, and even build a legacy for future generations of marooned bagel lovers.

Signatories: Andrew Checchia, John Gaidimas, and Aryan Agarwal

Advisor: Jonathon Taylor Jones

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