Traders at UCLA

Traders at UCLA is a student-led club that seeks to specialize in the rapidly growing field of algorithmic trading, quantitative finance, and market-making. Geared towards students in Computer Science, Math/Statistics, and Engineering but open to all, Traders at UCLA seeks to address the rising student demand at UCLA in this niche field and democratize both relevant technical skills and industry knowledge for the student community. Traders at UCLA will be modeled after similar clubs at institutions including MIT, UC Berkeley, and the University of Chicago. As the club grows, Traders at UCLA will provide both its members and the broader student community workshops in trading (e.g. options trading, building your first Python trading bot), host competitions (e.g. simulated market-making case), and exclusive networking opportunities with UCLA alumni, recruiters, and engineers in the industry's top trading firms such as Jane Street, Citadel Securities, Hudson River Trading, and IMC Trading.

Signatories: Justin Sheu, Gavin Wong, and Ming Sit

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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