EEB Grad Peer Mentorship Program

The EEB Grad Peer Mentor Program provides incoming, first-year graduate students with current graduate student mentors to assist in their transition into the EEB PhD, MS Biology, and MS EvMed programs. The purpose of this program is to harness the knowledge and experience of continuing EEB graduate students to enhance the first-year graduate student experience. This program will provide advice, guidance, and resources for navigating and adjusting to graduate student life and for any challenges or barriers that students may encounter in graduate school. Mentors will guide and support the academic endeavors, social and community integration, and personal growth of first-year graduate students. This program will benefit all first-year graduate students who elect to have a mentor, and is especially motivated by supporting and retaining students from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM. The goals for this program include fostering and enriching academic success and student life experience for first-year students and maintaining or improving the departmental retention and graduation rate.

Signatories: Whitney Nakashima, Joanna Wu, and Madeleine Zuercher

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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