Afrikan Womxn’s Collective

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Afrikan Womxn’s Collective (AWC) is an organization for anyone who resonates with the identity of being a Black “Womxn”. This includes anyone that identifies as binary, trans, and nonbinary. AWC provides a safe space for open dialogue on issues that affect Black Womxn, social gatherings, professional development events, and more. As we take the necessary steps into becoming more inclusive, we hope that any critique, suggestions, and/or thoughts are communicated with our staff so that we can continue to make this a safe space for all Black Womxn at UCLA. Through social events, Afrikan Womxn’s Collective also strengthens social ties, fosters individual excellence, and promotes achievement for Black womxn in community on the campus of UCLA and beyond.

Signatories: Aseniq Shahid-Williams, Jerica Watson, and Nyyah Henry

Advisor: Melissa L Veluz-Abraham

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