Wushu refers to Chinese Martial Arts. In modern or sport Wushu, taolu (forms) are commonly practiced. Forms practiced include various empty fist and weapon types, and are practiced for competition and performance, but also for martial application and health. UCLA Wushu is the official Wushu team of the University of California, Los Angeles. Since its founding in 1986, it has established itself as one of the most prominent Wushu teams in the United States collegiate scene. Athletes and alumni from UCLA Wushu have competed in the World Wushu Championships, World Junior Wushu Championships, Pan-American Wushu Championships, and the World Traditional Wushu Championships. UCLA Wushu trains weekly with people of all experience, annually participates in the Collegiate Wushu Tournament and performs at select events, notably the Chinese American Cultural Night at Royce Hall.


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