Music of Turkey and Korea

Fri 5/17/2024 • 7PM PDT

Schoenberg Hall

The Music of Turkey Ensemble and the Music of Korea Ensemble showcase traditional music from these regions on the same stage.

In the Music of Turkey Ensemble class, students learn to perform the vocal and instrumental repertoire from art music, fasil, folk, and other genres found in Turkey and its periphery. Students may choose to sing or perform an instrument appropriate for the genre that they are studying. Students learn various aspects of the theoretical concepts makam and usul while amassing the core of the standard repertoire.

The Music of Korea Ensemble provides students with an introduction to Korean traditional music genres, aesthetics, and performance styles. This class will focus on folk music ensembles and will be taught in an oral manner. Instructor Gamin Kang teaches group lessons and students will learn performance techniques on multiple Korean instruments, such as danso (bamboo flute), piri (small double reed oboe), janggu (hourglass drum), gayageum (12 strings zither), and vocals.

Continuing a tradition begun in 1960, the Department of Ethnomusicology draws on its incredible collection of world musical instruments to present its annual Spring Festival of World Music. It's an opportunity for student ensembles to perform and share traditional musics from around the world as they master their instruments.

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