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Cherry Pop Records Presents Open Mic Night

Wed 5/22 • 7PM - 9PM PDT

Sunset Village Stage

An open mic night that provides a casual performance space for music students and performers on the hill produced by Cherry Pop Records.

#Undergraduate #Arts #Music

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Spring Fling

Fri 5/24 • 7PM - 9:30PM PDT

Carnesale Palisades

Spring Fling will be a semi-formal dance that celebrates the end of the year for ACA and other APC organizations. This program serves as an End of the Year banquet, where members across APC organizations are able to celebrate the end of their year.

#Undergraduate #Social #Community

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Melanin & Medicine's Annual Black Health Event

Sun 5/26 • 2PM - 6PM PDT

De Neve Plaza Room

Our program is dedicated to all students, especially pre-med students who want to gain knowledge and insight on healthcare and the professionals in each field.

#Undergraduate #Educational #Career

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Documentary Screening- She Is

Tue 5/28 • 4PM - 6PM PDT

Covel Westcoast

"She Is" is a documentary following the journey of a childhood sexual abuse survivor. In their pursuit of healing, they uncover a sense of empowerment through dance and establish She-Is, a non-profit organization merging the art of dance with...


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