Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

"The objective of Lambda Chi Alpha is the establishment of a brotherhood for the cultivation of good will among men, the fostering of the highest ideal of patriotism, the acquirement of sound learning, and the observance to the laws of god." This direct quote from our associate member ceremony is a good summary of what most, if not all, brothers would consider our mission statement to be. The brothers and associates of Lambda Chi Alpha understands the difficulty of our unique situation. Re-colonization is not a easy or joking matter. However, the brothers here combat the stress with greater enthusiasm and passion. We believe every word of our creed, "We have faith in Lambda Chi Alpha, and passion for its welfare." This passion, led by strong leadership, will make its name on campus. And in doing so, Lambda Chi Alpha will attract the men of UCLA who believes that fraternity is for brotherhood, not reckless partying as stereotypically assumed.

Signatories: John Simpkins, Andrew Myers, and Kevin Chen

Advisor: Larry Daves

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