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We're the Undergraduate Student Association Council (USAC)'s Office for General Representative 1. We're currently focusing on: 1. Pushing for campus to adopt privacy protecting digital contact tracing (see; 2. Advocating for more issues to be discussed by ordinary students via sortition in Citizen’s Assemblies, so we can find out what the public actually wants instead of just what we think they must want (see; 3. Improving the elevators across campus through simple measures like cleaning them more often and running a different algorithm on Move-Out day (see; 4. Setting up a budget analyzer for the USAC budget so students can more easily understand what their student government does with the $10 million dollars it collects every year (roughly $1 million per month) [see it at]; 5. And so on. The idea is to focus on the ordinary issues faced by regular students, stuff that doesn't get addressed even though it's quite annoying for lots of people. If you have any such ideas for issues we could work on, want to learn more about what we're currently working on, or want to work for us to help bring these things about, please contact us at

Signatories: Jong Lee, Orion Smedley, and Lisa Foo

Advisor: Michael Anthony Gamez

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