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Kids Korner is a community service organization committed to enhancing educational opportunities for underserved youth in Los Angeles. We foster a passion for learning and academic curiosity among our students through tutoring and mentorship. During our general meetings, members collaborate together to create a personalized curriculum for every student through forms of worksheets, writing exercises, and interactive presentations. These materials are then taken to our weekly sites, where we also promote social skills and creativity through activities like arts and crafts, science experiments, recreational games, and discussions. Kids Korner also hosts quarterly educational field trips that are free of cost to our service recipients to provide broader learning opportunities and foster stronger relationships between the volunteers and children. By working with the same group of students over time, Kids Korner provides a unique and valuable experience for members, allowing them to witness the growth of the children they tutor and mentor. This not only deepens UCLA students' understanding of the impact of education on youth but also helps them form meaningful connections with the families in the communities we serve.

Signatories: Jalyn Ia, Caelin Brenninkmeijer, and Alex Simon

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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