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We seek to serve you, the students! As the representative organization for over 1000+ student organizations at UCLA, we are accordingly interested in promoting the varied interests of this diverse body. We recognize that this objective may seem formidable, ambitious even. After all, it is difficult to represent such a disparate array of clubs, teams and organizations. However, rather than bemoan such a daunting task, we are instead committed to embracing this immense diversity; which paints our campus in different strokes and which allows us both to appreciate the uniqueness within ourselves as well as in others. Moreover, we do not see UCLA as an isolated outpost in the greater Los Angeles area, disconnected and aloof from its surrounding environment. Instead, we see the two entities as active partners in a fruitful relationship that is continuing to evolve in significant and important ways. Thus, not only do we hope to advocate student engagement on campus, but we also hope to extend that engagement to the community of Los Angeles. As citizens and students of this active, moving city, we must recognize our own interdependence, our own parallel currents; we must become more conscious of the direction in which we are moving; and the Office of the Internal Vice President is committed to doing this.

Signatories: Megan Law, Josh Garland, and Delsy Velediaz

Advisor: Kristopher Kaupalolo

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