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Established in 1994 and reestablished in Fall 2000, the Neuroscience Undergraduate Society (NUS) focuses on educating the UCLA community about the field of neuroscience and the Neuroscience major and minor programs at UCLA. The society is primarily concerned with encouraging interest, participation, and success in the neurosciences. NUS promotes success in undergraduate and graduate education by offering special events to its members and the greater UCLA community such as student mentoring, laboratory placement fairs, and workshops designed to help students excel in current studies, as well as future graduate and medical programs. NUS also seeks to promote a healthy mind by educating the UCLA community about the importance of maintaining a healthy brain. The organization has the potential to benefit students and staff in both academic and social areas, beyond sole involvement in the sciences.

Signatories: Gabrielle Malte, Prarthna Chabria, and Harshikasai Kellampalli

Advisor: Aranza Angelica Guzman

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