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CURE at UCLA is an organization of undergraduate researchers who are dedicated to improving the undergraduate research experience. We aim to provide students with the resources and mentorship that they need to succeed through the implementation of an internal curriculum and external workshops. CURE integrates resources and information from student organizations, faculty, and the Undergraduate Research Center to provide students with a comprehensive and cohesive guide to approaching undergraduate research. CURE at UCLA aims to expose, interest, and prepare undergraduate students for an optimized and exciting research experience. Interactive symposiums led by research faculty and weekly programs will introduce students to the latest developments in research throughout the world, and will provide opportunities for undergraduates to discover their scientific interests. One-on-one peer research mentoring and group research mentoring sessions are offered throughout the quarter to help undergraduates find a lab suited to their interests and academic goals and develop skills to succeed in their labs. Career development workshops are also held on a quarterly basis to introduce and breakdown scientific and health-oriented career options. Lastly, CURE at UCLA also hosts several social events to help build the undergraduate scientific community together.

Signatories: Rachel Ma, Jade Liang, and Nyah Zhang

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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