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Formerly known as the Raza Youth Empowerment Project (RYEP), Yolotzonyo was established with the intention of mobilizing and investing in underrepresented youth to be change makers in their communities. Translating from the indigenous Nahua term Yolotzonyo, “heart rooted in the community”, we firmly believe as an organization that we have the capacity to build critical consciousness, resistance and education skill sets that will allow our youth to be the heart of their communities. By continuing the mission of previous years, our priority consists of cultivating community scholars with the necessary skills to be critical of their education and community contrary to what societal norms dictate. As a collective, the organization will utilize non-traditional frameworks like Critical Race Theory and the Indigenous Education Model that will drive healthy discourse and critical dialogue among the youth. By using non-traditional frameworks we remove ourselves from the education system that has worked counter intuitive to the needs of Black and Brown youth that have long been neglected due to systemic racism.


Signatories: Karla Nohemi Herrera-Guzman, Cuathemoc Nicholas Frausto, and Anthony Ayala

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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