Armenian Law Students Association

The objectives of this organization are to provide a means for ALSA members to further their educational and career objectives: 1. To provide a forum where law students of Armenian background or those interested in Armenian culture may meet each other, cultivate ties, and network with peers and alumni. 2. To provide academic support and mentoring, and to further the career goals of the ALSA's members. 3. To coordinate with Armenian-affiliated professional organizations in providing legal services to underserved communities in the greater Los Angeles area. 4. To sponsor programming and events that positively contribute to the scholastic development of legal issues of concern to the Armenian community. This may include lectures, panel discussions, and symposiums. 5. To sponsor programming and events that is of interest to the legal community and particularly, the UCLA School of Law.

Signatories: Alin Nazarian, Diana Gazaryan, and Rubina Karapetyan

Advisor: Kristopher Kaupalolo

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