Art Law Society

The Art Law Society at UCLA School of Law is a group of law students interested in the arts and the legal aspects of the art world. The Society’s mission is to provide a forum for students to explore this unique are of law through lectures, panel presentations, gallery and museum visits, and conversations with lawyers who practice in the field. We strive to open students’ eyes to both the litigation and transactional sides of art law and to create an opportunity for networking in this specialized field. We also assist aspiring students in pursuing Art Law as a viable career path. We further wish to foster critical dialogue on important issues in Art Law between students, faculty, and practitioners through symposia, talks, panels, screenings, gallery & museum viewings.

Signatories: Gabriel Joseph Orman, Thaara Sumithra Shankar, and Olivia Clare Tayback

Advisor: Kristopher Kaupalolo

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