EARTH (Environmental Awareness, Recycling, and Terrestrial Health), a division of the Student Wellness Commission, is committed to addressing the health-associated aspects of environmental concerns such as climate change, pollution, and sustainability. By bridging environmental movements and international health policies, we provide students with a unique perspective on how to find solutions to meet larger global challenges. Our mission is to confront the detriments of synthetic chemicals, environmental pollution, poor water quality, natural disasters, and other potential threats to our surroundings. We also strive to look into the environmental and health related benefits of local and sustainable food and explore how agricultural practices can affect the environment, as well as the body. Our main events of the year include Oceans Day and Earth Day, both of which work to inspire student awareness and activism by addressing some of the biggest struggles facing our planet and its inhabitants, both now and in the future. We strive to promote sustainability in student life through recycling, reducing energy and carbon consumption, and managing waste because we believe that student well-being stems from living in a clean environment.


Signatories: Venice Lupus, Karina Brunn, and Elizabeth Haan

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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