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The chief goal of the Philosophy Club is to provide a space for students to share and discuss ideas in an open-minded, friendly and respectful environment. This is a place where you can grapple with philosophical questions, and we can mutually work together to try to better our understanding of the world, our behavior within it, and whether or not we are justified in our beliefs. Whether you have only a budding interest in philosophy or if you are well versed in philosophical discourse, the club is a great way to expand your knowledge of the field and make friends along the way. WEEKLY MEETING Meetings are held every Tuesday at 6 pm in Dodd 399 (On Discord during pandemics). During meetings, we discuss a specific philosophical issue for about an hour and a half. Topics are chosen and presented by any club members and often explore topics not commonly covered in undergraduate courses, e.g.: philosophy of progress, experience machine, and animal rights. We encourage you to present your own ideas! Sometimes we host philosophy-themed movie nights instead. We often go to Westwood for dinner after our weekly meetings to continue the discussion. MEDITATIONS PHILOSOPHY JOURNAL Meditations is the undergraduate journal of philosophy at UCLA. The purpose of the journal is to foster philosophical thought and provide an opportunity for undergraduates to gain writing and publishing experience. Maybe you have a philosophy paper that you’re really proud of, or you’re looking for a platform to test your arguments and be challenged. Maybe you have some cool ideas but hate writing when a grade depends on it. We encourage undergraduates of any major to participate in Meditations. BOOKCLUBS You can also be a part of our book club. The book club offers a chance to do a close reading of philosophical texts. During our weekly discussions, we will try to understand the ideas presented in the readings by breaking down nuances such as rhetoric and symbolism. OTHER PROGRAMS We encourage members to attend events organized by the Philosophy Department. We also cooperate with the department to plan events for you. For example coffee time with professors, study lounge, and information panel, and more. Facebook: Undergraduate Philosophy Club at UCLA

Signatories: Cele Lorch, Nicholas Nhien, and Brendan Bacon

Advisor: Philip J Goodrich

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