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Design Build Fly (DBF) at UCLA is an interdisciplinary student team dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing, and flying model aircrafts. Each year, the team constructs an aircraft designed to fit annually changing specifications outlined by the national AIAA Design Build Fly competition. Through this opportunity, aircraft enthusiasts learn hands-on technical and design skills as well as soft skills such as team work, leadership and time management. The education oriented program sets students up for success in future industry and research positions. This past year, DBF built Corndog, a remote-controlled aircraft made primarily of carbon fiber, spruce, balsa, and plastics with a high wing that can fit into a 62 linear inch box and be assembled in five minutes or less. In the competition in Tucson, Arizona, the team placed 15th out of about 100. DBF at UCLA has been a consistent competitor since 1997.

Signatories: Evan Colenbrander, Kelsey Dignan, and Aparna Venkatachalapathy

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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