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Bruin Democrats at UCLA is our campus's largest political organization and has fought for progressive values since 1960! In accordance with the Charter of the Young Democrats of America, the mission of the Bruin Democrats is fivefold: 1. To stimulate young people with an active interest in governmental affairs and promote their involvement in the political process. 2. To promote the acquisition of political power by young people, and to promote the policies and practices which are consistent with Democratic values. 3. To increase the efficiency of popular government and to provide the highest degree of justice and social welfare for the citizens of our country. 4. To act as the principal representative of Democratic policies, elected officials, and values to the UCLA student body. 5. To reach out to entering freshmen and transfer students, and provide a safe, fun, and enriching experience for all Bruin Democrats members.

Signatories: Cameron Katz, Linde Spear, and Nicholas Thell

Advisor: Michael T Cohn

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