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Sikh Student Association provides a platform for all students to excel in a variety of different ways: academics, spirituality, community service and social life. In scholarship we provide academic resources, mentor mentee programs, and internship opportunities. Amongst our members, we provide intense study guides for classes. This furthers our efforts in making each member feel welcome; thus, establishing a safe space in which it is possible to communicate thoughts and have an open discussion. We also co-program with many other South Asian Organizations on campus in order to provide students with other outlets, professional and cultural. In spirituality we have Kirtan nights, set prayer times, meditation, Gurbani and Punjabi classes, and debates on the faith. Additionally, our association provides the students of UCLA with the opportunity to engage in unique community service efforts such as Sikh Relief (who provide assistance by fighting the drug problem in Punjab, help Sikh Political Prisoners, provide relief in Nepal or anywhere else there is a natural disaster) as well as work with the United Sikh Movement to offer langar (free food) to individuals that lack these resources (i.e. Skid Row, Riverside, and other regions in LA). Lastly, we make sure our members feel at home and enjoy the beautiful city of LA by hosting mixers, bonfires, beach trips, hikes, movie nights, ice skating and a range of other fun social activities. From day one, we hope to be efficient with our professional lives but at the same time enjoy our college years through Seva, Simran (prayer and mediation), and Kirt (working diligently). We are partnered with the United Sikh Movement, the official link between SSAs across California, to constantly expand and connect with the Sikh sangat at large.

Signatories: Sirjen Kaur, Saaya Sitlani, and Prabnoor Singh

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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