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At Bruin Hedge Fund, we seek to prepare our members for successful careers in finance and foster a community of passionate young professionals. Our members develop professional skills and life-long friendships through effective mentorship, while we also hold professional and social networking events to build relationships beyond the organization. The goal of our organization is to develop opportunities for students. We aim to take our members’ passion for investing and convert it into skills for obtaining a job after graduating. Our members learn the necessary skills to successfully understand, value, and price investments. Through projects and workshops, we teach members accounting, financial modeling, and other foundational skills across various economic sectors. Every quarter BHF members collectively complete stock pitches for our real money portfolio and participate in case competitions with other UCLA students interested in finance. BHF has members obtain jobs in private equity, investment banking, quantitative trading, and corporate finance. If you are interested in exploring an interest in finance, apply to BHF!

Signatories: Joshua Prentice, Carson Turner, and Victoria Wu

Advisor: Markell Clyde Johnson

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