Projecting Minds

In 1998, a group of student leaders collaborated to initiate a community-oriented program that focused on the academic improvement of struggling underrepresented youth in elementary schools located in the Los Angeles area. The program’s approach was to tutor the service recipients by using developmental methods in which the student finds the answer on their own, which creates an effective learning experience. Seventeen years later, Projecting Minds continues to provide this tutoring service to under-performing youth and has proven to successfully shape the academic outlook of our recipients. In addition to continuously providing a tutoring resource, Projecting Minds developed a second session in each site that provides interactive and diverse activities within science, art, and physical education that stimulates the service recipient’s extracurricular knowledge. This second session was introduced in the last decade because of the lack of extracurricular education in public schools due to budget or program cuts.

Signatories: Evelyn Pachucca, Lilyrose Rodriguez, and Josue Picaz

Advisor: Maria Anna Salazar Capinpin

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