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The iKNITiative is a knitting club on campus that is dedicated to donating knitted goods to the community and teaching anyone the art of needlecraft. The goal of the club is to spread the love of knitting to our peers while also spreading awareness of the needs of those at hospitals, homeless shelters, and those of refugees. The club also seeks to teach knitting to patients, elderly, and any other interested organizations. The club is also proud to host a calming, stress-relieving, mindful and social atmosphere through the learning and teaching of needlecraft. If you've ever wanted to make a beanie, scarf, or simply learn a new skill to keep your hands busy, come hang out with us! No prior needlecraft experience is necessary and any form of needlecraft (or even sewing/embroidery) is allowed and encouraged. We also provide materials (e.g. yarn and needles/hooks) if needed. We are passionate about giving back through needlecraft!


Signatories: Britney Burnasky, Yman Kamgaing, and Sereen Wong

Advisor: Jonathon Taylor Jones

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