Sigma Pi Fraternity

To support the Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity International in its development of young men united in brotherhood to advance truth and justice, to promote scholarship, to encourage chivalry, to diffuse culture, and to develop character in the service of God and man. The Association serves as a vital link between all graduates and the Upsilon Chapter. It supports the Chapter by facilitating communications and promoting a wide variety of programs and benefits for alumni that foster a spirit of loyalty, involvement, and life-long commitment to the Upsilon Chapter. The Associations vision for the future is to develop further a cohesive organization of alumni with the ability to exert influence as a valued partner on matters relevant to growth and development of the Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Pi International.

Signatories: Tyler Triviz, Michael Gallagher, and Oliver Buc

Advisor: Richard Barreto

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