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The Color Box Production Company’s name reflects a promise to search for truth and clarity. The purpose of the production company shall be: To create an inclusive performance space for all University of California-Los Angeles (hereinafter referred to as “UCLA”) students, no matter their race, gender or sexuality. Its mission is to enhance, stimulate, and celebrate understanding of one’s self and others through the shared experience of live performance, routed in the affluent melting pot of diverse ethnic classics. The production company will also branch out to include bold and innovative interpretations of world drama and film, marked by the reflection and inclusion of the community and world we live in. The Color Box Production Company has no tolerance for the discrimination of someone’s ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, demographic, gender identity, disability, religion or previous affiliations. The production company will pride itself in being all inclusive, which will reflect in performances, films, and events produced on campus. The Color Box Production Company intends to be an important voice in UCLA’s discussion of diversity, supporting and propelling individuals and institutions in their quest for understanding. It will strive to entertain, inform, and educate, providing a strong commitment to diverse new voices, thereby enriching the cultural life of the UCLA community. Operationally, the company will strive to remain fiscally sound and small enough that every individual who becomes a member can be heard, be accountable,excel at what they love to do, and project the company's core mission and values.

Signatories: Wanye Yoakum, Madelyn Davis, and Kay Sibal

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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