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The purpose of this organization is to help individuals experiencing homelessness access primary care services. Often times, these individuals lack access to basic social and health services. Our organization is partnered with the Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA, a student-run free clinic that provides homeless individuals with basic medical and social services. Oftentimes, Mobile Clinic clients with chronic illnesses need follow-up care. However, it was observed that numerous clients were not able to access adequate follow-up care due to reasons such as lack of transportation, difficulty navigating the healthcare system, and/or other social barriers. Companion Care was created to help clients overcome these barriers. Our organization sets up appointments with physicians at a community health center and provides volunteers to accompany clients to their appointments. The Companion Care volunteers are there as means of support through the process. Companions are there every step of the way, standing in solidarity to assist clients in overcoming the barriers to healthcare access that homeless individuals experience. We are continually working to improve our program to best meet the needs of the clients we serve.

Signatories: Abigail Bline, Nick Kaneshiro, and Jiaxin Jessica He

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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