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Uncrewed Aerial Systems is all about designing aerial robots. Specifically, our team of UCLA students designs, manufactures, and tests custom drones for accomplishing a series of mission objectives, for various research and competition purposes. UAS@UCLA complements the undergraduate engineering education at UCLA by offering the chance to gain hands-on experience on a complex engineering project. This project requires members to not only think outside the box of their major, but also learn collaboration and management skills through experience. Ultimately, UAS@UCLA is a big commitment, but the skills that are taught on the team directly apply to the professional environments you will experience in later jobs and internships. Finally, UAS@UCLA is a family, and the connections you make on the team can not only serve to further your professional career, but also give you support during and beyond your time in the undergraduate programs offered at UCLA. One of the main goals is to grow our club's culture and attract not only the best engineers to join our program, but also develop a diversified team with extensive collaboration opportunities among other teams at UCLA and internal career resources for leading members into their dream internship/job position in the STEM fields.


Signatories: James Tseng, Amanda Dempsey, and Garni Gharibian

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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