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The Coptic Church is about 2,000 years old - it is enriched with knowledge and tradition taken all the way from St. Mark, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. St. Mark ended up being a martyr for our church, as so have been most of our preachers and believers, but he did spread the faith to us and we are here to learn more about it as well as spread that knowledge to all others! The purpose of our club is to reach out to all students, no matter what religion or ethnicity at UCLA. We exist so that we may provide a means by which the Orthodox community can grow spiritually. Our goal is to make sure that we all grow stronger in knowledge, faith, unity, and love. We do so by providing fun activities, spiritual meetings, prayer meetings, Bible studies, community service, etc. It is not just limited to Copts, but to everyone who is seeking God and would like to find Him; we welcome questions and curiosity! Please ask and contact us if you would like to learn more!

Signatories: Mery Awad, Marylyn Makar, and Andrew Soliman

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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