Artreach at UCLA

Artreach at UCLA provides marginalized and disadvantaged communities outlets for art appreciation and creation. Our club strives to use the power of art to inspire, unite, and mentally relieve underserved groups such as children with chronic illnesses, veterans, and at-risk youth. By volunteering as mentors, UCLA students can engage with the arts and a diverse range of communities within the LA county area. Together, Artreach members prepare and direct workshops that create a supportive environment in which participants can explore their creativity, learn various mediums of art, and arrive at greater understandings of themselves and society. Any artists, art enthusiasts, or students interested in this type of outreach are welcome to facilitate lessons or apply to be a class instructor. Program mediums may include—but are not limited to— drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, collaging, music, dance, creative writing, or poetry. We do not require any experience but only a positive attitude!

Signatories: Jaden Ji, Brittney Myint, and Darveen An

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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