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UConsulting is a student consulting group at UCLA that is dedicated to providing students with the resources and opportunities to break into the consulting industry regardless of major or experience. This organization prepares it members for a career in management consulting through its three core offerings: community, education, and experience. UConsulting's mission is the build UCLA into a "target school" for the top firms in the consulting industry through empowering students with the skills and community to become consultants and entrepreneurs. Specifically, UConsulting has the following goals: 1. Prepare students for a career in management consulting or related fields 2. Build the analytical, technical and critical thinking skills of our members 3. Foster a community of the next business generation's consultants and entrepreneurs UConsulting has and will continue to achieve these three objectives through five primary initiatives: open workshops, accelerator training programs, real-world business projects, networking events with top firms, and club social events.


Signatories: Eric Pan, Abigail Avin, and Devanshi Shah

Advisor: Markell Clyde Johnson

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