The Queer and Trans People of Color Collective is an intentional space by and for people of color in the queer community on the law school campus. We specifically welcome people who identify as a racial minority under the LGBTQIA umbrella. Although UCLA has a true reputation of inclusivity for racial minorities and queer folks, we are focused on creating a space for those who are at the intersection of being a queer or trans person of color. As QTPOC, we are already minorities in almost every space, but the legal field in particular highlights our lack of representation. The particular adversity we face allows very few of us to clear the hurdles of entry to this powerful institution. As we overcome these challenges and more of us enter the legal profession, we established the Queer and Trans People of Color Collective to provide a welcome home for those who come after us so that we may work together to carry our community forward.


Signatories: Alex Nguyen, Shannon Saul, and Samantha Navarrete

Advisor: Kristopher Kaupalolo

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