Aspire, Learn, Mentor, Achieve (ALMA) Science Academy de UCLA

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The Aspire, Learn, Mentor, Achieve (ALMA) Science Academy de UCLA is a community service project that aims to expose youths in underrepresented communities to STEM education at an early age. ALMA Science Academy focuses on hands-on activities, interactive presentations, mentorship, and providing our scholars with educational resources in order to support their journey to achieve higher education and ultimately pursue their interest in STEM careers. Our curriculum encompasses on exposing youths to medicine, health in our community, diseases, biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, programming, coding, circuits, and engineering. As a community service project, we are committed towards serving the needs of our community recipients and ensuring the knowledge of elementary, middle, and high school students. ALMA is committed towards creating bridges to achieve higher education and nurture our scholars’ curiosity in STEM in order to address the low percentage of Latinx professionals in STEM careers. Through our work in the community, we are invested in youths and providing resources to their communities. ALMA focuses on the basis of exposure and leadership for our young scholars in order to install confidence and knowledge to youths in underrepresented communities.

Signatories: Vanessa Gaeta-Garcia, Heidi Ibarra-Castillo, and Enrique Barajas

Advisor: Kristopher Kaupalolo

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