Association of Students in Child Development

The purpose of the Association of Students in Child Development is to create a student-led organization that will serve as a resource for students who are interested in working with or on behalf of children in the future. We hope to expand students’ understanding of both the science of child development and the range of child-related professions available to them. To achieve this goal, the ASCD will provide its members with opportunities to gain more hands-on experience with children, professional development panels and workshops with professionals in the field. We would like to use this organization as a space for students, alumni, and professionals to share the resources they have gained throughout their undergraduate and professional careers. Ultimately, this student org will provide current students with more access to different resources that would benefit their future endeavors professionally and make a positive impact on children and families in the broader community.

Signatories: Dahlia Kirov, Hinano Negishi, and Sarah Kim

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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