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The Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) at UCLA is a student organization open to all Bruin students who identify as Middle Eastern, of Middle Eastern descent, or want to learn more about different Middle Eastern cultures. MESA's purpose is to bridge the gaps, and connect people from various Middle Eastern cultures together. MESA aims to provide a platform to learn from people's different Middle Eastern experiences, identities, and backgrounds, while openly discussing social issues that directly impact Middle Eastern communities and people, especially as students in college. Along with engaging in open dialogue around identities, social justice in the Middle Eastern community, and our personal health/wellbeing, we are a space for Middle Eastern students to be their authentic selves, hangout together, support one another, and create long-lasting friendships.


Signatories: Harut Tatulyan, Jessica Hanna, and Denita Kiya

Advisor: Jake Gildea

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