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The role of this organization is to connect two intertwined subjects - healthcare and homelessness. With our organization our first goal will be to volunteer with existing organizations that already focus on healthcare and homelessness. Our definition of healthcare is broad, it doesn’t end with physical healthcare. We will also focus on other aspects of healthcare such as hygiene and mental health. We are going to connect with organizations including but not limited to PATH, Venice Family Clinic, Midnight Mission and others and send our members there to volunteer with them. These organizations help homeless individuals with healthcare, and we will learn more about this divide between homelessness and healthcare together as a club. Our second goal will be to fundraise throughout the year towards a cause of the members choosing. It will be a goal that may help one of the organizations that we work with or a specific cause that connects homelessness and healthcare. This fundraising will occur throughout the quarters, and at the end of the year we will donate the money together as a club to the cause that we have been fundraising for all year. Our overarching goal as an organization is to inform individuals about the divide between homelessness and healthcare. We will hold events to inform our members first and then the broader UCLA community. We will hold outreach events and information sessions for anyone part of the UCLA community. We hope that this education and outreach will help us create a ripple of change.

Signatories: Brandon Truong, Tanveer Dhaliwal, and Aryan Gajjar

Advisor: Melissa L Veluz-Abraham

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