College Diabetes Network at UCLA

Our Chapter of the College Diabetes Network was founded for the purpose of connecting college students with and affected by type 1 diabetes in the hopes that these connections will create a support network which will enable students to fulfill their potential and limit the negative psychological and physical effects of diabetes. The College Diabetes Network Chapter at UCLA strives to… 1. Create connections with other students with diabetes at your college or university. 2. Create connections with the community to inspire children and young adults in the area. 3. Educate the campus and community about diabetes and living a healthy lifestyle. 4. Work to improve life on campus for students with diabetes through emotional support, personal connections, healthcare, and nutrition. 5. Create a central resource for prospective students and parents to have access to information regarding support services for students with type 1 diabetes at prospective colleges and universities. 6. Provide a central resource where parents of college students can connect and share personal stories, tips, etc. in order to help to relieve the strain on them and their relationship with their college age child. 7. Provide resources to college and university administrators to help them to better serve the diabetic population at their schools.

Signatories: Anish Patel, Megan Ervin, and Kimberly Stahovich

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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