High-tech and Neurological-Disorders (HAND)

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High-tech and Neuro-Disorders (HAND) is a non-profit organization at UCLA aiming to increase awareness and education of neurological diseases, including movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, and to build a community of students interested in neuroscience and biotechnology. This virtual year, HAND will be hosting speakers such as medical professionals and industry leaders, facilitating journal clubs to discuss recent research, and contributing to online outreach opportunities. Next year, HAND will be guiding members in shadowing physicians at the UCLA Movement Disorders Program and aiding those interested to seek research positions in neuroscience laboratories. Additionally, members can choose to be part of the HAND Innovation Team, which will be an ongoing project to develop a prototype for and market the Parkinson's device patent by our President. We welcome all UCLA students passionate about neuroscience and cutting-edge technology, as well as those in the business and marketing fields, interested in biotechnology and entrepreneurship.


Signatories: Tiffany Chen, Ashley Kim, and Nitin Subramanian

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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