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The purpose of this organization is to host and create astronomy-related events openly accessible and available to all members of the UCLA community and the surrounding communities. As an extension to this end, the organization publicizes and organizes excursions to select astronomy-related events around the Los Angeles county area. In achieving the purpose of the organization, the primary function of the organization is the maintenance and operation of the telescopes located on the ninth floor of the Mathematical-Sciences Building. The maintenance and operation of the telescopes are jointly performed with and led by the graduate students of the Physics & Astronomy Department. With the telescopes, the organization organizes publicly-accessible a weekly Telescope Show. Overall, the organization is dedicated to science, the principles of scientific thought, and the dissemination of science to the greater community.

Signatories: Rachel Rothschild, Osmin Caceres, and Swathya Chauhan

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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