Pre-Med Undergraduate Mentorship Program

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The Pre-med Undergraduate Mentor Program (PUMP) is a multifaceted organization that provides opportunities for leadership experience to upperclassmen through mentoring and program administration, as well as providing guidance and support to underclassmen pursuing a pre-health track. The goal of the program is to create a more inclusive environment by utilizing approachable undergraduate mentors and developing a more personal mentor-mentee relationship. There will be a certain number of mentees assigned to a single mentor that will be available to advise them during scheduled office hours that also serve as a study period. Approaching mentoring with low mentor to mentee rations is what develops the close relationships, and employing undergraduates, who are more relatable than graduate students or professors, creates a more affable environment. Furthermore, we hope to form relationships with other pre-health organizations to create a network for internship and research opportunities. Lastly, we hope to have guest speakers in the health industry run workshops and speak about their professions.

Signatories: Mitch Mologne, John Miller, and Or Fisher

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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