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The Artistic Activism Coalition at UCLA is a student organization working to educate and mobilize the community in addressing and advocating for topics that are crucial in our society today. Our mission is to give the students of UCLA a safe space to discuss and learn about various topics relating to social justice and activism, where they can use their artistic skills and passion as an vehicle for social awareness and change. The organization is all-inclusive, looking for people who are passionate about creating, learning, and advocacy. Members of this organisation would use various forms of visual and performing arts to discuss and learn about issues related to social justice and activism, and to spread awareness on topics they’re most passionate about. We aim to partner with different organizations on campus that share our vision, so as to provide our members with resources that allow them to remain informed and educated whilst also expanding their portfolio! Our Executive Board will be trained in Artistic Activism under the CAA (Center for Artistic Activism) to broaden the horizon of this organization and provide new, useful resources for its members and the community. We believe that art is empowering, stimulating, and timeless— that it fosters empathy and understanding. We aim to create a bridge between art and activism, using it as an effective tool to make a significant difference to our community.

Signatories: Kathryn Wylie, Manisha Wanniappa, and Dana Hu

Advisor: Maria Anna Salazar Capinpin

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