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Aware’s mission is to create a safe space where students can discuss relevant ethical issues in order to build their own identities, be better advocates, and participate in thoughtful, non-judgmental discussions. We hope to encourage members in their activism and advocacy efforts and bring together voices from various communities. Our club will consist of discussion seminars addressing present-day ethical debates that are aided by articles and other resources gathered by our teams. We will also offer educational workshops led by professors and partner organizations about various topics ranging from service, activism, communication, politics and more. We hope to connect students to volunteering and donating opportunities, and to empower students by allowing them to lead their own special projects. We encourage students from all political, religious, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds to join so that we may promote an all-inclusive dialogue that allows us to better understand each other’s perspectives as we strive to become active agents of change in our communities. We hope that Aware is a supportive environment for students looking to further educate themselves on world issues and debates, and to inform their civic engagement and advocacy efforts.

Signatories: Sreeram Kurada, Isabella Crone-Baron, and Nicholas Thell

Advisor: Aranza Angelica Guzman

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