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The Quantum Computing Student Association (QCSA) at UCLA is a combined undergraduate and graduate student group under the CQSE focused on everything under the umbrella of quantum information science, including quantum computers, sensors, and algorithms. We host regular talks by professors and industry professionals working on quantum computing with a variety of different hardwares, such as superconducting qubits, trapped ions, and quantum dots, as well as in the fields of quantum programming and quantum information. We also organize a journal club, social events, and various other career building events focused on quantum information science. We welcome students of all levels who are interested in quantum computing, and try to make our events as accessible as possible! We have weekly/bi-weekly events during each quarter. For more information and to join the QCSA follow the link below.


Signatories: Cody Fan, Nicolas Dirnegger, and Yongjia He

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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