Health Equity in Nursing (HEN)

This organization focuses on promoting health equity within nursing. We aim to explore topics such as, but not limited to: anti-racism, culturally-humble care, social and structural determinants of health, trauma-informed care, and health disparities among marginalized populations. Our goal is to facilitate discussions and events centering on the impact of these intersecting issues on community health, thereby fostering intrapersonal, interpersonal, and collective growth among UCLA nursing students and within the UCLA community overall. We believe that, as healthcare providers serving diverse populations, it is of utmost importance that we better understand how societal injustices are rooted deeply in a historical context and are continuously reproduced to the detriment of achieving health equity for marginalized groups. It is our duty as student nurses to provide the best possible care to those we serve. In order to achieve this aim, we must learn to address our own internal biases and understand relevant historical and cultural context in order to advocate for our patients. We also want to think critically about how nurses, and other healthcare professionals, have been complicit in these systems of injustice throughout history, and how we can instead use our positions to dismantle these inequities. Ultimately, we envision a future healthcare system that is more just and more equitable, and we aim to play a role in its creation.

Signatories: Briana Grether, Anna Balassone, and Sadie Flood

Advisor: Michael Anthony Gamez

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