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Bruin Capital Management is a student-operated hedge fund focused on investing in companies that pioneer next-generation technology and innovation. BCM is UCLA’s first undergraduate organization that will be operated as a hedge fund. Our mission is to achieve long-term capital appreciation with innovative and contrarian investment strategies to discover long-term winners. We implement unorthodox investment and portfolio management strategies to identify large-scale investment opportunities in emerging markets that will have an immense impact in future markets, including, but not limited to 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Space Exploration, Renewable Energy, Real-Estate, etc. One of our objectives is to educate a new-generation of investors on financial markets. At first glance, financial markets and investing may seem complicated, but at BCM, individuals will have the opportunity to learn more about different sectors, make better investment decisions, and expand their financial acumen.

Signatories: Michael Thompson, Luke Garlick, and Jordan Lee

Advisor: Michael T Cohn

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