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The Bruin Linguists Society (BLing) is the UCLA Linguistics’ undergraduate student association. We host events every quarter that are geared towards undergraduate students’ success in career, academics, and the linguistics community. The Bruin Linguists Society (BLing) is an academic and social student organization at UCLA that serves the undergraduates in the Linguistics Department. BLing hosts study events, career events, and social events throughout the year, and also organizes the Southern California Undergraduate Linguistics Conference every Spring. BLing's purposes as an organization include: To promote the field of linguistics by increasing awareness and encouraging the education of linguistics topics both on and off campus; to encourage undergraduate involvement in academia; to unite the students of the Linguistics Department with each other and with students from other departments; to improve communication between students and faculty; to make students aware of the opportunities present for people interested in the field.

Signatories: Jennifer Miyaki, Jean-Max Fawzi, and Cindy Wang

Advisor: Aaron Joshua Alba Tacub

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