Samahang Modern

Hello! We are Samahang Modern! Founded in 1986 for the annual Samahang Pilipino Cultural Night, Samahang Modern is UCLA’s first established competitive dance team. Our focus at Samahang Modern is Open Style and Hip-Hop inspired choreography. Each year, we participate in dance competitions like Prelude Norcal, Ultimate Brawl, and Battle Royale, showcasing our original student-choreographed sets. Our training also encompasses street style fundamentals including Hip-Hop, House, and Popping. Our team comprises talented students who successfully balance academics and creative pursuits. With the four pillars of dance, professionalism, family, and cultural roots, we foster an inclusive environment that cultivates a love for dance and a strong sense of community. We invite dancers from diverse backgrounds to join us on this exciting journey as we create memorable experiences and embrace "The Good Life" together. Thank you for your interest in Samahang Modern. We look forward to seeing you at auditions in the fall! Details to come on our instagram @samahangmodern.

Signatories: Isa Matsubayashi, Leonard Chen, and Misaki Murai

Advisor: Melissa L Veluz-Abraham

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