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In Transcription (InT) @UCLA is a community built for future scientists and entrepreneurs, founded in 2022 Winter by 7 ambitious Life Science undergraduates. We aim to aid the ambitions and realizations of our current and future scientists and entrepreneurs. Transcription is the first step of gene expression during which mRNA is produced from a DNA template; analogously, In Transcription is committed to aiding the process of translational research, as well as facilitating the growth of future scientists and entrepreneurs in the life sciences. We strive to facilitate the transcription of the research and ideas of our community members into world-changing technologies and companies. The guidance and support of today’s leaders in academia and industry are indispensable along our journey towards this goal. We hope to establish a cross-generational and international bond between the current and future leaders in the life sciences.

Signatories: Yijia Chen, Huier Yu, and Haoxiang Yin

Advisor: Aaron Joshua Alba Tacub

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